Congrats to the great success of MIBIEXPO 2023!

On June 10th at 10:00 am, the opening ceremony of MIBIEXPO’s fourth edition was held at Marriott Hotel in Brossard, Quebec!

The spectacular opening ceremony


Business Fair Montreal

The host Mr. Carl Baillargeon, Ambassador of Groupe UIG,welcomed everyone and introduced each keynote speaker and honourable guest for the opening ceremony,

“Today is the fourth edition of MIBIEXPO, it is a one-stop platform to reveal the business opportunities to the world. Showing everyone what we have in Quebec and Canada to invest. This edition of MIBIEXPO has five sectors, business investment, real estate education, immigration, and tourism.”

Ms. Jocelyn Kao, the founder and president of MIBIEXPO, was the first to give a speech at the opening ceremony. She thanked and showed her appreciation to all the guests that attend and support MIBIEXPO 2023.

Due to COVID19, the exhibition of MIBIEXPO has been cancelled for the past two years, we are thrilled and honoured to bring all the exhibitors back this year, she said,

“MIBIEXPO is not only an exposition but a platform that provides a wide range of services. In addition to the annual exposition that is organized in summer, we’re also hosting educative seminars with experts from different industries, promoting emerging business in Omni social media channels and creating sustainable business growth. The mission of MIBIEXPO will never change – Connect Quebec’s business to the world! The ‘belle province’ boasts of the best French-learning courses and environment for all the newcomers that are willing to immigrate and invest, and settle down in Quebec.”

At the end of the opening speech, Jocelyn showed appreciation to the president of APASME, Mr. Kelvin Mo, and thanks for all the contribution and support from sponsors, exhibitors, supporting organizations as well as visitors!


Business Fair Montreal

The founder and president of MIBIEXPO, Ms. Jocelyn Kao delivered a speech at the opening!


City of Brossard’s Mayor, Ms. Doreen Assaad; President of APASME, Mr. Kelvin Mo; City councilor for City of Saint-Laurent, Montreal. Mr. Aref Salem and Deputy director of CCBC’s Quebec Chapter, Mr. David Perez Desrosiers delivered a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony. They appreciate what Ms. Jocelyn Kao has done for Montreal. And they wished MIBIEXPO a very successful exposition!


Montreal Business and Investment Fair

Ms. Doreen Assaad, Mayor of city of Brossard


Business Fair Montreal

Mr. Kelvin Mo, President of APASME


Business Fair Montreal

Mr. Aref Salem, city councilor, city of Saint-Laurent, Montreal


Business Fair Montreal

Mr.David Perez Desrosiers, Deputy director of CCBC Quebec’s Chapter.




Montreal Business and Investment Fair

From left to right: Mr. Carl Baillargeon – Ambassador of Groupe UIG, Mr. Francis Bissonnette – Founder and CEO of Batimatech Mr. Aref Salem, – City councillor, city of Saint-Laurent, Montreal.

The moderator is Mr. Carl Baillargeon, keynote speakers are Mr. Francis Bissonnette and Mr. Aref Salem.

Aref pointed out that environmental-friendly and innovative architecture is the trend for future urban construction. There will be more sustainable buildings that are certified with LEED standard, and existing buildings also need to be renovated to reduce heating and energy consumption.

Francis delivered a brilliant presentation. Batimatech, as a comprehensive platform in the construction industry, connects businesses and individuals involved in the construction sector through services, events, and research. It aims to establish collaborations and explore cutting-edge technologies in the industry.




Montreal Business and Investment Fair

From left to right:

Mr. David Heurtel – Counsel, Fasken; Political Analyst, CTV NEWS
Ms. Maxine Sun – Research scientist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
Mr. Stéphane Coudé, President and Senior Partner, XSM2 inc.
Ms. Rimeh Daghrir, – Research Advisor, Contracts and Partnerships, Université de Montréal

The moderator is the Counsel of Fasken and political Analyst of CTV NEWS, Mr. David Heurtel, the keynote speakers are Ms. Maxine Sun, Mr. Stéphane Coudé and Ms. Rimeh Daghrir

Maxine first presented the timeline of the COVID-19 developments and measures of Canadian government . She emphasized that it was due to the correct actions taken by the public health authorities, such as curfews, business closures, and remote work, that the spread of the virus was effectively contained.

As an expert in water research, Rimeh highlighted the importance of sustainable development. Canada possesses abundant water resources, accounting for 20% globally. It is critical to use water more efficiently. Measures should be taken to reduce water pollution, conserve water, and improve the efficiency of hydroelectric power generation.

Finally, Stéphane Coudé conducted an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of global economic development in the post-pandemic era. In the post-pandemic era, countries face challenges such as inflation and supply chain shortages, prompting policy adjustments to address economic downturns.

“There is a greater need to facilitate international trade between nations.”




Montreal Business and Investment Fair


From left to right:

Mr. Kelvin Mo – President of APASME
Ms. Jocelyn Kao – President of MIBIEXPO
Mr. David Perez Desrosiers – Deputy director of Quebec’s Chapter, CCBC
Ms. France Despatie – Organizational and People Effectiveness Consultant of HRAWARE

The moderator is Mr. Kelvin Mo, keynote speakers are Ms. Jocelyn Kao, Mr. David Perez Desrosiers and Ms. France Despatie.

Jocelyn is a senior real estate broker with years of experience in the industry, she pointed out that Quebec still has excellent real estate investment opportunities. Inflation is temporary, and interest rates will not remain high indefinitely. With an increase in available housing supply and relatively lower prices, it is a good timing for buyers to invest in the market. The most popular properties for investment are vacation lots, chalets, condos, and single-family homes in the suburbs of Montreal.

As the deputy director of the Canada China Business Council, David mentions that Quebec offers a favourable investment environment and policies, maintaining a stable and friendly relationship with China. Quebec holds a leading position globally in aerospace, green building, gaming industry, and life sciences, exerting significant influence in China as well.

Finally, France delivers a brilliant presentation.  She reminds investors and companies about the importance of understanding the local business culture and organizational structure when executing global mergers and acquisitions.

“By reducing cultural conflicts and communication barriers, acquisitions and mergers can be conducted efficiently.”


Exhibitors at MIBIEXPO 2023:


The exhibitors of MIBIEXPO 2023 boasts of top enterprises from real estate, education, immigration, investment, finance, innovation as well as tourism.

The exhibitors are Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc.,Evolo Nex, Nan3000 Construction and development INC., Domaine Arion, Rouba Mansour Notaire, Elite Time Accounting Inc., Hildebrand Gardens, Weiyao Cai Financial Services Inc., Lorinda Liu AC, RBC.


Montreal Business and Investment Fair


Montreal Business and Investment Fair


Montreal Business and Investment Fair


Montreal Business and Investment Fair


Montreal Business and Investment Fair


Montreal Business and Investment Fair


Ms.Jocelyn Kao closed up the exposition with an onsite lucky draw- some of the attendees obtained delicate souvenirs sponsored by Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc, three lucky participants won an Ipad, Tour at Mont-Tremblant and seven days Cuba trip for two!

Montreal Business and Investment Fair






Montreal Business and Investment Expo


Special thanks to:

Title Sponsor: Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc.


Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc., Evolo Nex,  Nan3000 Construction and development INC., Domaine Arion, Rouba Mansour Notaire, Elite Time Accounting Inc., Hildebrand Gardens, Weiyao Cai Financial Services Inc., Lorinda Liu AC, RBC.  

Supporting organizations:


Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Saint-Laurent et Mount Royal

Ville de Saint-Laurent

Tourisme Montréal

Canada China Business Council (CCBC) 

Huachuanghui Canada

Chamber of commerce of Shandong, China- Montreal Chapter

GFCBW Montreal



Groupe UIG