Real Estate
According to QPAREB and Centris, Quebec ranked the second place for the increase of sales compared to 2018 in Canada, the market wrapped up with a total of 96,507 transactions, a 12% increase compared to 2018, this was the fifth consecutive annual increase in sales. The sales of 2019 has set up a new record that surpassed 86,450 transactions in 2018. Moreover, selling time across Quebec in 2019 shortened compared to the year of 2018, a single-family home is sold at an average of 98 days (-9 days) while it took 93 days (-18 days) for a condo to sell. As the economic center of Quebec, the Greater Montreal area exhibits a 51 months’ consecutive increase on the total transactions of 51, 329 by the end of December 2019.

In 2020, Quebec Real Estate Market shows no signs of slowing down, Quebec is predicted to jump 5% of the average price, a second biggest annual change across Canada.


Looking for investors on Luxury home project
The single-family home in Quebec drives 10% of increase in 2019, with a total of 64,167 of transactions. The metropolitan (Greater Montreal) shows a 7% increase of sales (27,564 transactions)
Montreal has become one of the hottest markets for luxury real estate. In 2019, the sales of ultra-luxe homes skyrocketed compared to Toronto and Vancouver, the proportion of single-family homes that sold for more than $1 million jumped 65% between 2014 and 2019 in terms of total sales.

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Quebec education system is globally renowned for its excellence. The system consists of four levels of schools: Pre-school, elementary and secondary, college, and universities. The unique bilingual system provides an excellent language environment for children to learn French and English at an early age. The study shows almost all the young Quebecers (94%) remain bilingual since they started to learn two languages 10 years ago. Besides the unique education system, Quebec also comprises top-tier universities that offer a wide range of programs in the cutting-edge industries- such as mechanical, electrical, computer, aerospace, pilot, industrial and metallurgical engineering.


Looking for Investors to build Pilot School in Quebec
Quebec boasts an excellent environment for Pilot training in Canada. The province is tax free on Commercial Flight Training. Pilots are able to experience a variety of weather conditions in Quebec with over 300+ VSR (Visual Flight Rules) days in a year. Moreover, Quebec has relatively low density of traffic with low restriction of airspace and altitude.
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Canada is the top immigration developed country in the world. there are over 7.54 million immigrants who move into Canada, who represent 21.9% of Canada’s entire population. Multiculturalism, inclusivity and diversity are vital parts of Canadian’s identity: The country has over 30 ethnic communities with 100,000+ people. Canada’s major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are particularly diverse, and home to many ethnic neighborhoods. As the 4th nation to legalize same-sex marriage and the first outside of Europe, Canada has strong support for the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, the country is always promoting gender’s equality. Beyond being culturally diverse and inclusive, Canada is also well-known for its world-class education system, universal healthcare and benefits, hence, one of the most ideal nations to immigrate worldwide.
Quebec produces a number of different immigration programs enabling eligible candidates to secure Canadian permanent residence.

Most Popular Immigration program in Quebec
Québec Entrepreneur Program
The Quebec Entrepreneur Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the ability to create a new business or acquire and operate an existing business. Successful applicants are able to immigrate to Quebec, where they will either carry out their business project.

Québec Experience Program (PEQ)
The Quebec Experience Program (Programme de l’expérience québécoise – PEQ) is one of the exclusive immigration programs operated by the province of Quebec. PEQ targets candidates with French-language proficiency who have educational experience or work experience in Quebec.

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Video Game:
Québec gained a reputation for its creativity and innovation in the field since the 1980s. in 2019, there are over 220 video gamescompanies operating inQuebec, where has the most number of companies in the industry across Canada. As the economic and cultural center of Quebec, Greater Montreal is one of the top fivevideo game production cities,after Tokyo, London, San Francisco and Austin. The city provides a diversified and complete ecosystem with solid tool development, specialized workforces, competitive costs and exclusive incentives. In Montreal, over 15,000 people work in video game industry, 4000 college students enrolled in the program related tovideo game. Furthermore, government provides tax credit up to 37.5% to the corporates in gaming industry.

International tech, services and game developersselect Montreal to develop globally renowned games, such as:
Ubisoft: Word’s biggest game development studio, boasts of a wide range of internationally renowned games: Assassins Creed series(2007-present), Far Cry series (2008–present), Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series (2003–present)and Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 (2014, 2016)
Square Enix:
The company established two studios in Montreal: Eidos Montréal and Square Enix. One of the most popular game for AAA titles that is developed in Montreal is Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
Epic Games:World leading video game and software development company. The company created ‘Unreal Engine’, which was named as the most successful videogame engine” by Guinness World Records in 2014.
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Quebec, Canada takes up to 52% of Canada’s aeronautics’production.
Renowned for its innovative approach and creativity, Québec is one of the international leaders in the aerospace industry, which appeals to major multinational firms such as Bell Helicopter Textron, Bombardier Aerospace, CAE, and Pratt & Whitney Canada, along with over 200 other specialized companies as well as prominent equipment manufacturers and an excellent network of suppliers and subcontractors.

The large number of international companies settle in Quebec bears witness to the exceptional reputation of Québec’s aerospace industry. furthermore, together with the international organizations located in Québec, those companies have attracted hundreds of leading equipment manufacturers and product and service providers. There is no shortage of partnership opportunities!
Montreal is Quebec’s largest city and one of the three aeronautics cluster in the world. alongside with Seattle and Toulouse

Top-tier prime contractors
A large number of world-class prime contractors settle in Quebec, Canada to develop their business, such as, Bell Helicopter Textron, Bombardier Aerospace, CAE, and Pratt & Whitney Canada
there is no shortage of partnership in the ‘Belle Province’!

Tailored made Training program related to aerospace industry
Quebec schools provides a wide variety of programs in mechanical, Pilot training, electrical, computer, aerospace, industrial and metallurgical engineering.

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Environmental Protection
Quebec has announced couples of legislations that puts sustainable development at the heart of government action, such as:
-Establish a definition of sustainable development for Québec;
-Introduces 16 principles to guide the actions of the public service;
-Assigns responsibility to the premier to table the Government Sustainable Development Strategy in the National Assembly and report on its progress every five years;

As the largest city of Quebec, Montreal ranks third place among the ‘Top 10 Greenest cities in Canada’. The city is the 4th in Canada with 27% of locals taking either the public transit, riding a bike, or walking to work each morning.
The metropolitan ranks 5th in Canada with 85% of homes using electric heating. The most bilingual city in the country also has plenty of green spaces throughout the city which attracts both locals and tourists, such as the Montreal Biodome and Mount Royal Park.


Looking for Builder/Manufacturer in Eco-friendly Solar Modular Homes Projects
In Quebec, Canada, a variety of real estate developers specialize in solar packs of generators- BIGBOX- and solar integrated solutions for remote locations and energy self-sufficient houses. The advantage of modular homes are listed as following:
– Quality of construction
– Efficient ensures high energy efficiency
– Sustainable materials and low-energy options
– Energy and environmental design
– Shorted build time reduces labor and costs

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Montreal, Canada currently plays a vital role for artificial intelligence (AI) research on a global scale. The city boasts high concentration of expertise in the area of AI, Yoshua Bengio, professor of Universite de Montreal, is the founding father of the deep learning movement and head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA). There are more than 250 researchers and doctoral students enrolled in fields relevant to artificial intelligence in McGill University and Université de Montreal, the largest AL academic community in the world.
Montréal also boasts top researchers in automatic speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing and reinforcement learning.
What’s more, Quebec fundraised $100 million for the past five years for the establishment of an AI cluster and $40 million for the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. McGill University and Université de Montréal received $84 million and $93.5 million respectively from the $900-million Canada First Research Excellence Fund to pursue their AI-related research.
Quebec government has incentives to facilitate corporates to invest in AI research, 14% fully refundable tax credit from Quebec plus 15% of tax credit from Federal government. The corporate tax is lower to 26.6% for startups.

A thriving field in AI industry- Machine Learning
Look for qualified researchers and partners in Machine Learning
Machine learning (ML) is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inference instead. It is applied in a wide range of applications, such as email filtering, virtual personal assistants (Siri, Alexa and Google) and video surveillance.
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MIBIEXPO 2020 Business Delegation Tour

It is our privilege and honor to invite you to Montreal International Business&Investment Exposition(MIBIEXPO) 2020 Business Delegation Tour!
With the population of over 8.4 million, Quebec is a critical economic player in Canada where has primary access to the planet’s two biggest free-trade zones:
– CUSMA- the North American market, with close to 500 million consumers
– CETA- the European market, with over 500 million consumers
Thus, MIBIEXPO 2020 Business Delegation Tour proudly presents unique investment opportunities, environment and corporates in key five business sectors in Quebec!


MIBIEXPO 2020 Business Delegation Tour Agenda
Day 1 July 10 Arrival in Montréal
Day 2 July 11 Participate MIBIEXPO 2020
Day 3 July 12 Quebec City One Day Tour
Day 4 July 13 Morning: Visit to Quebec Innovation Parks
Afternoon: Top Real Estate Listings Presentation & Tour
Day 5 July 14 Morning: Immigration&Education Seminar/Investment Seminar
Afternoon: Visit to major schools
Day 6 July 15 Morning: Tour to Mont-Tremblant and Visit to Major Investment Projects in Laurentides
Afternoon: Shopping at Premium Outlets Montreal
Day 7 July 16 Visit to provincial and city Industries and Commercial Bureau or Premium Investment Projects
Day 8 July 17 Departure

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Life Science Health Technology
Québec, Canada ’s pool of skilled research personnel ranks among the world’s best. Furthermore, the environment strongly facilitates collaboration between companies and research centers related to state-of-the art technological infrastructures.
Québec is a leading North American center for the life sciences industry. Companies will find everything tailored to their needs of design and of testing innovative products and technologies—including in future’s primary fields.

More than 450 companies are specialized in basic research, manufacturing, biotechnology, contract research and medical technology. They employ Over 25,400 skilled workforces.
International giants such as Pfizer, Sanofi and Merck have chosen Québec as the site for their Canadian headquarters.
Over 160 IT companies hire 5,400 workers.
Over 10,000 researchers work in Quebec’s biomedical research centers, many of which earn recognition for their major scientific breakthroughs.
10,000 students graduate from health-related programs each year.

Quebec’s one of the world leading field in Life Science Industry-
Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Quebec comprises a large variety of biopharmaceutical manufacturing activities with over 30 manufacturers in drugs in oral, injectable, ointment, cream, vial and liquid forms.
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Agricultural Product

Québec is renowned as a food industry giant. The province expertise in abundance of high-quality raw materials and its exports to the Americas, Europe and Asia, the agri-food industry is a critical part for Québec’s economy.

The agri-food industry makes a huge contribution to Québec’s economy. In 2017, exports stood at $8.8 billion. The United States was the key destination, accounting for 69% of the province’s exports

What Quebec Produce?
Maple Syrup– As the largest maple syrup producer in Canada, Quebec accounts for approximately 90% of maple syrup’s production.
Bio food– In 2017, the real gross domestic product (GDP) of Québec’s bio food industry at basic prices increased 4.5% compared with 2016
The industry’s real GDP posted an average annual growth rate of 4.2%. Over that period, the bio food industry’s contribution to Québec’s real GDP rose from 7.0% to 7.5%.
Dairy Products– In addition for being Canada’s major producer of milk. Quebec is also in charge of 70% of Yogurt’s production and 75% of its cheese.

What Quebec Exports?
The European market is Quebec’s second biggest export destination (7.5%), followed by Japan (6.2%) and China (5.5%)
Pork-Canada’s largest pork producer, exports to over 100 countries
Soybeans-Quebec is the major producer for Most Asian’s countries soy beans (66% of exports
Berries-Beyond being the Third largest cranberries producer worldwide, Quebec grows 40% nearly of strawberries and wild berries respectively


Looking for partners and investors for High concentration and purity organic fertilizer
A wide variety of Quebec biotech enterprises produce high concentration and high purity organic fertilizer that helps to develop a more sustainable environment. These types of organic fertilizer are easy to transport, odorless, could store at a long period and contain high nitrogen phosphorus and potassium.
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