According to QPAREB and Centris, Quebec ranked the second place for the increase of sales compared to 2018 in Canada, the market wrapped up with a total of 96,507 transactions, a 12% increase compared to 2018, this was the fifth consecutive annual increase in sales. The sales of 2019 has set up a new record that surpassed 86,450 transactions in 2018. Moreover, selling time across Quebec in 2019 shortened compared to the year of 2018, a single-family home is sold at an average of 98 days (-9 days) while it took 93 days (-18 days) for a condo to sell. As the economic center of Quebec, the Greater Montreal area exhibits a 51 months’ consecutive increase on the total transactions of 51, 329 by the end of December 2019.

In 2020, Quebec Real Estate Market shows no signs of slowing down, Quebec is predicted to jump 5% of the average price, a second biggest annual change across Canada.