Montreal Business and Investment Fair

Chu Wei Chuang


Our federation was formally founded in 1994 , of which organization spanned three main oceans and five major continents. All the members in the federation were elites of Chinese businesswomen.


1.We rally global Chinese businesswomen in solidarity. We envision the world, create consensus, contribute wisdom, and look after every corner of the earth.

2.Through the platform of GFCBW’s organization, we actively build up interpersonal networks, embrace the trend, exchange experience, and share resources.

3.We actively absorb new information and develop Chinese businesswomen’s capability of management in the fast-changing environment.

4.We sharpen the global economic competitiveness of Chinese businesswomen and promote other countries’ protection on our Chinese businesswomen’s rights and benefits.

5.We promote citizen diplomacy, facilitate exchange of international culture and business opportunities, and strengthen international cooperation of economy and trade.