Josée Pepin

Head of School

North Star Academy Laval is a suburban English high school that prides itself in teaching to our 21st century students. We focus on individualized learning and customized tutorials guiding students to develop at their own pace, within high academic standards. Bringing the world to our students and our students to the world is a key focus of our school – through diverse extracurricular activities which help round out their education, and by connecting students with community action through projects, volunteering, visits, trips – learning to become active citizens in a community. We teach not only for school but for life!

Our mission is to ensure that each student who joins our family becomes an enthusiastic learner and a critical thinker. Our aim is to trigger students’ natural curiosity, with the intent of creating well-rounded citizens, prominent leaders, and individuals with strong values. NSAL is the only private English high school in Laval and no certificate of eligibility is required. We also believe parents are partners in their child’s education, and ongoing communication with teachers and staff is a key part of our day.