Ms. Jocelyn Kao

President, KDR International Inc.

KDR International Inc. founded in 2013, Montreal base company focuses on marketing in Chinese community including North America and Asia-Pacific area.


Ms. Jocelyn Kao
President of KDR International Inc.

Ms. Jocelyn Kao created MIBIEXPO in 2018, a unique one-stop platform whose goal is to showcase the various business opportunities in Quebec, Canada to the rest of the world. As an immigrant herself who has lived in Montreal for several years, Ms. Kao hopes to extend her passion and image of Quebec in five primary sectors: Investment, Tourism, Education, Immigration, and Real Estate. Her ultimate goal is to attract more overseas investors and corporations across these industries towards Quebec.

As part of this endeavor, Ms. Kao also initiated KDR International Inc. in 2013, a company that focuses on marketing and promotional events in both Asia and in Quebec. The company strives to assist new immigrants by offering a wide range of services. Furthermore, Ms. Kao co-founded Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc. with her husband Mr. Phillip Lee in 1994, and have been successful at establishing themselves in the real estate industry in Montreal, Quebec, forging strong relationships with several well-known developers in the area.

Overall, her vast experience is demonstrated through her broad expertise in management and long-term strategic planning. Through time, Ms. Kao has developed a prominent network of committed clients and partners. For the past 25 years, through her rich experience and dedication, she has actively pursued her role as an avid promoter of Montreal to the people in Asia.