Founded in 1965, Proment Corporation, a Montreal based real-estate development company, has been Nuns’ Island’s primary residential developer for over 30 years, having planned and built over 5,000 condos and homes, six waterfront communities, and the first LEED gold residential towers in Quebec as well as one of the few LEED ND neighbourhoods in Canada.

Proment has been recognized seven times by the Provincial Association of Homeowners of Quebec (APCHQ) as Builder of the Year in acknowledgement of its creative achievements and has also won numerous other real-estate awards.

Through its developments, Proment has established Nuns’ Island as one of Montreal’s most high-end communities. Since 2010, Proment has started developing a new neighbourhood – Pointe-Nord, where the mix of residential highrises, midrises, lofts and townhomes are within walking distance of boutique retail, restaurants and bakery.