MIBIEXPO 2019 – Xiamen is successfully hosted on Nov 17 in Kempinski Hotel.  Thanks to the enormous support from our co-organizer, Xiamen AnYou Immigration Service Company!

This is the first time we hosted the exposition at Xiamen – a coast city that is popular for its night life, beach as well as film festival. We are amazed by the visitors’ enthousiast in Xiamen and proudly presented Quebec’s best investment opportunities during the exposition!

On behalf of MIBIEXPO, Jocelyn Kao (the founder&president) made a welcome speech for all the visitors. Upon the opening ceremony, a recap of the 2019 International Investment Exposition in Montreal was presented to the public. The second edition of the exposition gained an enormous success due to the tremendous support from Quebec government, local and international entrepreneurs, investors, students as well as influencers from diverse professional background.  

MIBIEXPO is honored to have the corporates and consultant from different industries to exhibit in Hangzhou concerning Real Estate, investment, immigration and education. The aim is to create a one-stop platform that boasts exclusive business opportunities for SMEs and consulting service for investors and new immigrants from China. The exhibitors and guest speakers are,

Executive Officer and founder of Diamond Diamond Real Estate Inc. Mr. Phillip Lee

Partner and Director of Accounting Service at Boiley&Handfield, Mrs. Yao Du

Director of Personal Banking Services, BMO, Mr. David Peng

Marketing Manager of KDR International Inc, Mr. Nicolas Liu

Consultant of Xiamen AnYou Immigration Service Company, Mrs. Stella Jing

Ms. Jocelyn Kao initiated the exhibition by giving out a brief introduction of MIBIEXPO, showcasing the highlight of the expositions in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei as well as Montreal for the past two years. Then she presented Montreal to the public in terms of immigration, education, culture, history, real estate etc, and explained the reason why Montreal is the ideal city for investment and living.

Mr. David Peng from BMO Guang Zhou branch delivered an in-depth presentation regarding the history, service and location of the offices in China. He also conducted a comprehensive analysis to local investors and potential immigrants concerning the foreign exchange market in China.

Mrs. Du Yao, Director of Accounting Service from Boiley&Handfield.  Her expertise in accounting and taxation enables our visitors to have a basic knowledge of tax system in Canada.  Furthermore, she exhibited the application process on declaring foreign property and presented the major groups of income tax in Canada.

Mrs. Stella Jing is specialized in Immigration Service,   She conducted a case of analysis on the advantage of immigrating to Canada and listed the top immigration program in the province of Ontario.

In the upcoming seminar, Mr. Nicolas Liu gave out a lecture of the educational system in Quebec, highlight the top public and private schools and introduced McGill University, one of the greatest university in the world to the guests.  During the Q&A session, Mr. Liu elaborated the current policies and situation of the Quebec immigration programs that are most concerned by Chinese – PEQ (The Programme de l’expérience québécoise).

Mr.Phillip Lee, executive officer of Diamond Diamond Real estate is the last guest speaker.  He outlined the most popular listings and investment projects in Montreal, moreover, displayed a wide variety of catalogue and promotional brochures on the booth.

MIBIEXPO offered exclusive one-on-one consultation to our visitors at the booth.

Last but not least, Mrs. Jocelyn Kao shows appreciation to visitors, the distinguished guest speakers and thanks for all coming along to support the exposition!