On May 22nd, 10 am 2019, the Metropolitan International Business & Investment Exposition 2019 (MIBIEXPO), which is organized by KDR International Inc. and co-organized by Canada China Small Medium Enterprises (CCSME), has held the press conference at the Le Westin Hotel Montreal. Representatives from local business and the media were present during this press conference.

Ms. Jocelyn Kao, President of KDR International Inc. , delivered a keynote speech at the press conference. The major takeaways were as follows:

The first Metropolitan International Business & Investment Exposition (MIBIEXPO) gained enormous success and received recognition from the professionals across the industry. Ms. Jocelyn Kao shows appreciation for the contribution and support to all the participants. She indicates that following the success of MIBIEXPO 2018, we are proud to announce the second edition of MIBIEXPO will be held on June 14-15. The initiative of this exposition never changes: Connect Montreal business to the world!

MIBIEXPO is a unique one-stop exhibition showcasing Montreal in five different fields: Business Investment, Real Estate, Education, Immigration as well as Tourism. The aim is to exhibit Montreal’s tremendous opportunities and business potentials to the rest of the world.

MIBIEXPO is not only an exposition but a platform that provides a wide range of services. In addition to the annual exposition that is organized in summer, we’re also hosting educative seminars with experts from different industries, promoting emerging business in Omni social media channels and creating sustainable business growth.

In spite of MIBIEXPO is established in Montreal, our plan is to expose the exposition to other places in the world; Considering the success of the world tour last year, we will continue to host the expositions at major cities across regions. As one of the main features of MIBIEXPO, the world tour offers consultation service and professional assistance from our partners to the locals. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of promoting Montreal businesses to the world, which is the essence of MIBIEXPO, we look forward to expanding and growing on the globe.

In 2019,  MIBIEXPO has a special mission- promoting French culture for Quebec. The ‘Belle Province’ boasts of the best French-learning courses and environment for all the newcomers that are willing to immigrate and invest in Quebec. Ms. Jocelyn Kao shared the insight about the importance of learning French regarding her own experience. She expects to provide every individual who chooses to settle down in Montreal a better living, working and study environment.

MIBIEXPO will promote MONT Tremblant as the ‘City of the Year of 2019’. since this area is not only a holiday destination, but it’s also an important business and investment gathering place and has an internationally known ski resort.

Thank all the sponsors and exhibitors for their encouragement and support, in particular, thank Canada-China Small and Medium Enterprises (CCSME) for joining us as the co-organizer.

Co-founder and President of CCSME Mr. Kelvin Mo

Sale Director of PeakWatina, Mr. Rodolpho Folini

Lawyer of Farley Legal Services Ltd. Mr. PATRICK E. FARLEY

The representative of Liangzi Investment


Thanks for all the participants:

President of CCSME- Mr. Kelvin Mo

Co-founder and Vice President of CCSME- Mr. Andrew Fang

President of the Association of Industry and Commerce Shandong- Mr. Ming Jia

President of the Association of Industry and Commerce Hubei- Mr. Jun Guo

President of the Association of Industry and Commerce of Huadu Community- Mr. Lingzhou Shao

President of the Association of Industry and Commerce Sichuan- Ms. Xiuqing Fan

President of the Association of Industry and Commerce Guangxi- Ms. Mei Guo


All the Media

Ms. Jocelyn Kao with all the participants

The Second Edition of MIBIEXPO 2019 will be held on June 14-15, 2019 at Le Westin Hotel Montreal.

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