On August 27, 2018, the Metropolitan International Business & Investment Exposition (MIBIEXPO), which is organized by KDR International Group and co-organized by Canada China Small Medium Enterprises (CCSME), has held the first press conference at the Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. Representatives from Tourism Montreal, local businesses, and the media were present during this press conference.

Ms. Jocelyn Kao, President of KDR International Group, made a keynote speech at the press conference. The main points were as follows:

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(1) The first Metropolitan International Business & Investment Exposition (hereinafter referred to as MIBIEXPO) will be held at the Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel on September 28th and 29th, 2018. Dozens of outstanding industrial and commercial enterprises in Quebec and Montreal will set up booths, all visitors from China and other provinces in Canada are welcomed to visit the exposition to attend the forums, inquire about business opportunities, and exchange information.

(2) The slogan of MIBIEXPO is “Connect Montreal Business to the World”. Ms. Kao said: “The reason for having MIBIEXPO is because it was about time for Montreal to stand out.” In many aspects, from municipal construction, long-term planning, employment opportunities and economic development, Montreal has experienced a tremendous growth in the past two years. Previously, we were often surpassed by Toronto and Vancouver. The time for Montreal to shine is finally ripe.

(3) To promote Montreal, we need a platform; this is how MIBIEXPO was conceptualized. Ms. Kao said: “We have always had the idea to promote Montreal and Quebec so that they may regain their glorious past.” To make this work, we required the cooperation of other provinces, cities, the overall economic environment and many other aspects. With all the specs in place, we are now ready to build a platform to attract potential investors from around the world. The purpose of the platform is to let them see all the good things that we have in Montreal and Quebec themselves. Montreal, Quebec is blessed with four beautiful, distinct seasons, has maintained the French culture and language, but is also friendly and very multicultural. All of this makes Montreal, Quebec unique in every way.

(4) MIBIEXPO is ripe and ready: As the president of Diamond Diamond Real Estate, Ms. Jocelyn Kao has been committed to the promotion of quality products in Montreal and Quebec in the Asian market over the past decade. She has accumulated a lot of experience and customer resources. “But one’s success is not enough, and one’s strength is limited. I have been thinking about this: If I can simultaneously promote immigration, education, tourism, and investment projects within Montreal, Quebec while selling real estate; then I will really make the visits from foreign investors worth their while. By putting everything in one place, I believe that I will get twice the result with half the effort.”

(5) It is noteworthy that the first MIBIEXPO will not only be held in Montreal, but also in other major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei in October. Our plan is to expose MIBIEXPO to other places in the world, focusing first on big Metropolitan areas in Asia, Europe, and the United States, thus gradually expanding from place to place, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of promoting Montreal businesses to the world, which is the essence of MIBIEXPO. Secondly, the focus of MIBIEXPO will always be to promote Montreal and Quebec. In consequence, a minimum of 80% of all exhibitors will always originate from Montreal and Quebec.

(6) Providing services to the enterprises of Quebec: Ms. Kao emphasized that MIBIEXPO can really help SMEs in Quebec. “Based on our expertise, we have conducted an extensive study on the Asian and Chinese markets in order to get a clear picture of what they want. This way, we are able to provide useful information and to offer appropriate advice for the enterprises seeking for such information.”

(7) Sharing her platform: Ms. Kao said: “A lot of people have asked me why I would want to share with others the platform which I worked very hard to build. Experience tells me that sharing, would not bring loss, but will make more friends, expand business opportunities, and build an even stronger business platform. Sharing will bring me new development. I am willing to work with all business partners to achieve an all-win result.”

(8) To achieve success, there are always challenges, and we hope all parties and organizations actively participate and support MIBIEXPO. Ms. Kao would like to thank all parties for their encouragement and support during the preparatory process in the past year. In particular, Ms. Kao would like to thank the President of the Canada-China Small and Medium Enterprises (CCSME), Mr. Kevin Mo, for joining MIBIEXPO. “Our goals and ideals are the same, as always.”

Ms. Kao said: “Everything is difficult at the beginning, even though we have substantial content in the MIBIEXPO, a briefing session, two days of exhibitions, three panels, and some senior speakers but it is the first time we have doing this. I am sure that there are some unsatisfactory things. I sincerely welcome everyone to make criticisms and suggestions. I also hope all the media will vigorously promote MIBIEXPO. Help the promotion of our own city to be successful.”

At the press conference, Mr. Kelvin Mo, co-founder and president of CCSME, Mr. Sam Scalia, founder and president of Samcon Inc, and Mr. Luc Poupart, president and CEO of Via Capitale delivered speeches, commending the significance of MIBIEXPO; and promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada in business investment. Truly “to bring Montreal business to the world”, and wish MIBIEXPO a complete success!

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Mr. Kelvin Mo, Founder and President of Canada-China Small and Medium Enterprises (CCSME)

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Mr. Sam Scalia, founder and president of Samcon Inc.


Mr. Luc Poupart, President and CEO of Via Capitale


Ms. Jocelyn Kao was interviewed by Montreal new media Mengchenghui. And take a photo with the guests.


Sincerely thank the following guests visiting:

Andre-Phillippe Chenail, Director, Section Quebec, CCBC

Shoukang Cao, President of Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Business Alliance at Montreal

Shaowei Sun, Vice President of Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Association of Montreal

Kelvin Mo, President of CCSME

Andrew Fang, Vice President of CCSME

Xixi Li, Director of Montreal Chinese Service Center

Sam Scalia, President of Samcon

Luc Poupart, President of Via Capitale

Jenny Mo, Mortgage specialist of BMO

Phillip Lee, Diamond Diamond Real Estate

Jinn Guo, Suki Liu and Oliver Long, Journalist of MengChengHui New Media

Michael Peter Morin, Customer Relation Manager of OTT Financial Group

Yan Yan, Loan Manager of RCB

Kaman Shing and Sum Wing Li, Financial planner of RBC

Donald Jean, Journalist of MediaMosaique

Xian Hu, Journalist, Canadian Symbiotic International Media

Jiang Zhang, President of The Chinese News

An Li, Journalist of North America News

Tanya Du, Journalist of Epoch Times

Yin Ling and Dong Yan, Journalist of 7 Days News


Overview of the First Montreal International Business Investment Exposition 2018:

The Montreal International Business Investment Exposition 2018 (MIBIEXPO) will be held at Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel, on September 28 and 29, 2018. The exhibition includes opening and closing ceremonies as well as three panels, gathered 11 senior guest speakers. The Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness of Quebec will visit MIBIEXPO to bring you the newest immigration message. A series of activities will be launched one after another, and it is not to be missed.

Organizer: KDR International Group

Co-organizer: CCSME Plus China Small Medium Enterprises (CCSME)

Sponsors: Diamond Diamond Real Estate, Bergeron Dorais Notaires SENC, Mengchenghui, SAMCON.

Date: September 28 and 29, 2018, 9:00 – 17:00

Venue: Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel, 800 Place Leigh Capreol, Dorval, H4Y 0A4, Canada

For details of MIBIEXPO and to purchase tickets, please visit the website: www.mibiexpo.com